How Do You Go About Finding Long Tail Keywords For Your SEO Content?

Finding keywords for your content is what you want to do of course, but do you focus on long tail keyword phrases, too? If not, it’s important to understand that they are a priority in 2018 and beyond with the search engines. They help your site get ranked. Think about how many websites and articles are out there, and that’s just one reason why the long tail keywords are so important when it comes to content.

Another reason is that the search engines are smarter these days. They know more about what to look for, and they have a lot of content to look through. In order to cater to those major search engines, you are going to have to make sure that you are coming up with the best keywords for your niche.

How do you develop your list of keywords?

Let’s talk about how to find long tail keyword phrases for your content. You can certainly search around and look for them and use keyword tools. You do need to use keyword tools in fact, but let’s expand upon that for a moment to show you how you can get creative with the process.

Let’s say you use a keyword tool to help you develop a short list. You know these keywords are important, and let’s say you also develop a list of variants. One way you can think about making these keyword phrases longer is by adding geotags to them. If you do that, you are making your site relevant to your location. Yet that is just one way to get the job done, albeit an important suggestion.

Another way to get the job done is to look at your business, your niche, and your content, developing ways to expand upon those keywords. Let’s say that you are going to write about investing. You are going to develop a piece centered around blue-chip stocks. You want those four words sticking together, and you want to add something to them. I’m going to give you an example sentence.

When it comes to modern investing strategies blue chip stocks are where the market is pointing. The long tail keyword in that sentence is ‘modern investing strategies blue chip stocks.’ Placed in a phrase by itself, you might have wondered how to make a sentence out of that long tail keyword, keeping the words together. That is how you get creative with long tail keywords.

You don’t have to come up with all of your long tail keywords yourself. The keyword tools can also be used to come up with the long tail keywords themselves. You can gather up your long tail keywords before you even write your content, and then you can try to implement even more as you write. Just be sure that you don’t do any keyword stuffing.

Making use Of Your SEO Data

If you are going to have an digital marketing agency write your content for you, you can still do the keyword research ahead of time. You often see article requests with only one keyword phrase, but you can suggest other keywords that you want to be incorporated into the same content. Just be careful to not go overboard because you want the content to flow naturally.

You want to spread out those long tail keywords among the content that you post. And when it comes to something like a blog, you want content to be focused on your niche, but still spread out as far as various topics. Get creative with those long tail keywords, and use keyword tools where it applies. You are going to want to be sure you are using them to help you get a better standing with the search engines.

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